How strong is your elevator pitch?  Is your elevator pitch strong enough to grab someones attention, and engage them to want to learn more about your business?  Is your elevator pitch packed with a whole lot of nothing that bores the average listener with the all about you jargon?  Or does your elevator pitch get the job done every time?

An elevator pitch is defined as a persuasive message to get people to take action in the time needed to take an elevator ride.  So as you step into the elevator you just realized that the head of the multi-million dollar company that you have been looking to get business from is already in the elevator and going up to the 80th floor.  You realize that you have just about 30 seconds to get him interested in what your business can do for him.  As the elevator rises you introduce yourself and start to talk.  Are you ready because here is the moment that your elevator pitch becomes the star? 

The plan is to plan for situations such as this.  Great elevator pitches are created and not guessed at, or improvised.  Understanding that a good elevator pitch can be worth thousands or even millions for you, does not let you leave it to chance or happenstance.   Write your best elevator pitch out or have a professional prepare one for you.  Look at elevator pitch samples, check out elevator pitch templates.  Learn how to write a winning elevator pitch.  There are several examples of elevator pitches on the internet.  Once it's prepared, memorize it, say it loud and proud in front of the mirror, family, friends, and associates.  Fine tune several elevator pitches for each target market that you service, or occasion.

Elevator pitches can be used in almost every situation... business networking affairs, meetings, conferences, or standing on line at the supermarket.  If given 30 seconds to make your impression are you hitting the mark, or missing it all together?

Submitted by Sherise Patterson
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Every year I watch commercials promoting Black Friday Deals.  One year I asked myself am I going to go through the hassle of going out to the mall on Black Friday to get an item that I know the store only has a handful of and my answer was "YES". 

Now while this was my first Black Friday shopping experience I found out that the store opened at 6am. I got off work at 6am and figured since I didn't want to be the first one at the door I would take my time getting there. 

Low and behold hundreds upon thousands of people beat me there.  Well as you probably realized I didn't get the item I came for.  And although I did shop I waited on lengthy lines for hours.  That was my first Black Friday experience.

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Whether you hit the mall, local stores, or partake in online shopping be safe, have fun, and enjoy the process.  Take your time, get there early, and please don't hurt nobody.

Submitted by Sherise Patterson

My first few months in business I attended many networking events I talked and talked, working the room until I was literally exhausted.  Even after all the talking, listening, and business card exchange I did not get the initial results I was looking for.  Why?  Was it my approach, was it my departure, or was it my elevator pitch?  I came to realize that a strong elevator pitch is essential in determining the interest of your potential client. 

The first 30 seconds of your conversation with people will determine if they have an interest, want to learn more, or have no interest at all.  Those 30 seconds have to have a powerful array of who you are, what you do, how you can be of benefit and/or add value to the person you are pitching too.  If key points are missed that can make or break the person's interest.  If too much is said that can have your potential client thinking about "their to do list" while you are talking to them.

So how strong is your elevator pitch?  Is it clear, and concise?  Is it long and drawn out?  Have you tested it to see if it is effective?  All these things need  to be clarified so that you get the interest of your potential client, and the results that you seek.

Written by Sherise Patterson