Every year I watch commercials promoting Black Friday Deals.  One year I asked myself am I going to go through the hassle of going out to the mall on Black Friday to get an item that I know the store only has a handful of and my answer was "YES". 

Now while this was my first Black Friday shopping experience I found out that the store opened at 6am. I got off work at 6am and figured since I didn't want to be the first one at the door I would take my time getting there. 

Low and behold hundreds upon thousands of people beat me there.  Well as you probably realized I didn't get the item I came for.  And although I did shop I waited on lengthy lines for hours.  That was my first Black Friday experience.

Now I am excited to be able to offer my 1st ever Black Friday Deals. No long lengthy lines, no daily hourly deals, no pushing and shoveling... this is easy online shopping.

Take a look at out first Black Friday Deal offerings at http://www.simplytoempower.com/black-friday-deals.html.  These offers especially work well if you have a business that you are looking to grow, and expose.  Most of our Black Friday deals start at $5.   It's always good to find a good deal, especially when looking for gifts for gifting.  Our Black Friday deals are good ONLY on Thursday, Nov. 22; Friday, Nov. 23; and Saturday, Nov. 24.

Whether you hit the mall, local stores, or partake in online shopping be safe, have fun, and enjoy the process.  Take your time, get there early, and please don't hurt nobody.

Submitted by Sherise Patterson

Happy January 2012.  New Years represent new beginnings.  A chance to start over.  A chance to make things right.  First come the New Year resolutions, then the goal setting, then moving to action to make it all work.  If you have a business and want to build solid business relationships for the new year that can potentially help your business to skyrocket I hope attending business networking affairs is on your goal/ to do list. 

Business networking enables you to meet, greet, and network with potential customers face-to-face.  Face-to-face business building builds a solid foundation enabling you to connect in ways like never before.  You can build the three assets that potential consumers look for before making a purchase.  Do I know, like, and trust this person?  

Remember that each of us has our own network of family, friends, and associates, and so does our potential customer.  If we are able to make a strong connection with people... doors will open. In addition business relationships are built, connections are made, partnerships are formed, and friendships are built.

Now isn't that a nice reward for properly promoting your business?