Happy January 2012.  New Years represent new beginnings.  A chance to start over.  A chance to make things right.  First come the New Year resolutions, then the goal setting, then moving to action to make it all work.  If you have a business and want to build solid business relationships for the new year that can potentially help your business to skyrocket I hope attending business networking affairs is on your goal/ to do list. 

Business networking enables you to meet, greet, and network with potential customers face-to-face.  Face-to-face business building builds a solid foundation enabling you to connect in ways like never before.  You can build the three assets that potential consumers look for before making a purchase.  Do I know, like, and trust this person?  

Remember that each of us has our own network of family, friends, and associates, and so does our potential customer.  If we are able to make a strong connection with people... doors will open. In addition business relationships are built, connections are made, partnerships are formed, and friendships are built.

Now isn't that a nice reward for properly promoting your business?