Written by Sherise Patterson

Growing your business leads means you have to go out, meet people, build business relationships, vend- "stay visible", grow your online presence, and social media platform.  There are several ways that these things can be done without headache.

Go Out And Meet People

Meeting people can grow your business leads.  It can also be interesting and fun.  Find out what business events are going on in your neighborhood, city, or state.  Plan to attend, with your best elevator pitch, and share what you do with attendees.  Now be mindful that not everyone will have a need for your product or service but they may have a friend or family member that does. So building business relationships, via follow-up after the event is essential for maintaining those "NEW" business contacts.

Build Business Relationships

There are several ways that you can build business relationships with contacts, and potential clients that can grow your business leads.  Email, phone, or mail.  Utilize one of these options or all three.  Follow-up and regular communication will keep you, your products and services in the minds of your business contacts.  When an opportunity approaches their desk to refer someone for a product or service that you offer, make sure you stay in their mind, and your contact information is easily accessible. 
Tools like Constant Contacts are great for email marketing and sending mass emails.

Vending "Stay Visible"

Vending at local, city, and statewide events can grow your business leads.  Showcase and expose your products and services at various events.  Make sure your signage, promotional materials, and branding message is on point.  Have a business card drop and/ or a contact sheet that people can leave their contact information.  After the event follow-up with your "NEW" leads.  Are they hot, or cold as it pertains to your product?  Whatever their temperature, continue to follow-up via email, phone, or mail. 

NYC Vending Opportunities can be found here.

Grow Your Presence Online

Growing your presence online can grow your business leads.  What does your online presence say about you?  Is your website on point?  Are people finding it?  Your website can be a strong powerful tool to grow your leads if it is set-up right. Keyword tools help people find you from around the world.  Email capture boxes, landing pages, and blogging are also great resources. 

Grow Your Social Media Presence

With millions of people utilizing social media daily it is a great tool for you to use to grow your business leads.  Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and others are all great sources for business leads. Create groups or pages using your business name or target market name.  Post on the page daily.  Engage your audience, and keep them coming back for more.

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Author:  Sherise Patterson

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