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Website hosting can be expensive if you let it.  True be known there are plenty of FREE and low cost website options available for anyone who cares to research them. 

I have done the research and discovered that the best FREE website that I can recommend is Weebly.
Why?  Weebly has all of the features of any full priced website that I have used in the past.  It is effective, efficient, and can upload loads of videos and photos for just about any business, event, or project that you may be working on. 

Now, if you already have a website hosted elsewhere that's fine.  But I advised you to try Weebly and measure the results to see if you get more for your buck.  If you don't have a website yet then it's perfect.  Try Weebly and see if their website works for you.

If you need help developing winning content for your website, building it, exposing it, or branding it locally, and or worldwide call me (718) 289-4080, we can work together to make sure your website does what you want it to do.  Grow your business, of course.

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