__Clutter means confusion and wealth cannot flow freely in that instance.  Chances are if your finances are not what you want them to be, it is merely a reflection of your surroundings. 

There are four main areas of life you can address when it comes to personal organization:

• Organizing your time means being able to prioritize properly and get everything done.  Now you have time to devote to your finances. 

• When the paper in your life is organized, you no longer have to worry about piles of "stuff" that clutter your life and your living space becomes pleasing and inviting.  You  also no longer waste time searching for important items.  Now your financial statements and other documents present a clear financial picture. 

• Organizing your space means creating a flow that harmonizes with your lifestyle.  Your living and work spaces contribute to your success and the achievement of your goals.  You can function and think clearly because your environment creates harmony in your life.  You will find you also have more energy to do more toward pursuing wealth.

• And once your money is organized, bills are paid on time, your wealth grows and your goals become that much more attainable.  Prosperity follows in ways you never could have previously imagined. 

In short, total organization means peace of mind, clarity of thought and prosperity in all areas of your life.

Much success in the new year!

_Forrest Huguenin
Professional Organizer & Home Stager
Org4Life Solutions
"Taking You From Clutter To Clarity"

8/23/2012 10:06:32 am

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