Author: Sherise Patterson

Whether you realize it or not you are bombarded daily with some kind of negative energy in your life.  When you turn on the television, listen to the radio, operate your business, see advertisements, and/or talk to your family, friends, or associates seeds of negativity are subconsciously planted in your mind. 

This negative energy can take away your focus, stop you from taking action, slow you down, confuse you, take you off target, or just make you feel like all of your hard work is a waste of time. But, all is not lost. 

Negative energy operates in the mind and so does positive energy.  In order for positive energy to stay firmly planted in your mind you must consistently train your mind to work for you, then against you.    Reading a chapter daily in an empowerment-oriented book will help keep you on target, as well as listening to CD's, watching DVD's, select motivational videos, and attending live events with motivational speakers. 

Why do you think motivational speakers like Tony Robbins, and Les Brown are so successful?  Because they realize the need to continue to keep people motivated... and they have been born with a gift to do it.  Robbins and Brown speak, coach, encourage, and motivate some of the top leaders in the world.  People attend their events in the thousands because of the need to keep their positive energy intact, and/or reinforced.

Now, if some of the top leaders in the world  need to attend motivational events to keep them on track to succeed, what are you doing to stay on track and your mind working for you at all times?

Do you have an strong empowerment-oriented book, CD, or DVD library?  Do you have a selection of motivational videos to watch at any given moment?  Are you attending events to be motivated by top speakers?  Well this writer has some solutions for you.

Motivational Videos - These are some of the most powerful videos on the web.  Check them out and pick one or two videos to watch daily.  Watching these videos will help you stay on target.

Motivational Events - These motivational events presents top speakers to get and keep your mind inspired, encouraged, and on track.

`(Attend the GRAND Business Networking Affair on Monday, March 4, 2013 and let motivational speaker extraordinaire Robin Ransom motivate and get you on track.  The topic she is presenting will help you on so many levels "High-Level Strategies To Take You From Where You Are, To Where You Want To Be")

If you need to be motivated, need your motivation reinforced, or positive energy to flow then this is where you need to be.

3/3/2013 04:08:53 am

Hello Sherise and thank you for this most important reminder. Motivation is like vitamins which need to be taken daily to keep your mind and body working in optimum condition. I look forward to seeing you at Mondays networking event.

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Lovely blogg you have here


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