Whether you know it or not there is a science to being a vendor.  Vending your products and services at various events takes strategy because vending is more than just selling a product to a person one time.  Vending is about introducing your product to a potential customer to make that a lifelong customer.

Now if onetime customers are all you are looking for than this blog is not for you.  Our main objective is to show you ways to turn that onetime customer into someone who in turn loves you, your product and/or service, refers you to their friends and family, and talks about you as much as they possibly could without being asked.

Now how do you manage to make that happen?  Well I am going to share some vending tips and ideas in this blog that will open new doors and new windows of opportunities.  These vendor tips and ideas will help you to focus on your main vending goals and objectives for doing each event, and will enable you to create the cash flow that you are seeking. 

But, like I said in the beginning it takes strategy, and a well thought out plan.   As you know, it is easy to set up a table and attempt to sell products and services.  The selling strategies that I will present here will not only get you more customers, but will convert those lookers into buyers, and those buyers into raving fans.

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